OmniLiner VX

The VX Range is a cost-effective thermoplastic liner comprising of polypropylene resin reinforced with continuous bi-directional glass fibres to create high impact resistant, standard wall panels.

  • 100% recyclable material
  • Heat and moisture resistant
  • Exceptional wear / impact resistance
  • Suitable for thermoplastic welding technology
  • Food hygiene approved
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Rot, corrosion, mildew & chemical resistant
  • Aesthetically pleasing installation

omniliner VX:

These standard wall panels are a high end version of the ECOtex panel, manufactured by a continuous laminating process.

The VX provides significant energy absorption over traditional FRP panels and exhibit thermal expansion similar to aluminium and is easy repaired by applying low heat. The finished panel consists of a smooth finish on both sides, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing finished installation.

The standard 1.0 mm sheet is only 1.5kg/m².


OmniLiner VX


  • Roofing
  • Lining /Lamination
  • Refrigerated body work

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