omniliner sheet ling materials range

OmniLiner Range

New sheet lining materials to add to the innovative Omnia (CS) Portfolio. These products comprise of thin, tough, lightweight thermoplastic composite sheets. The properties of the OmniLiner material range consist of a non-woven continuous polypropylene-glass laminate and bi-directional fibre reinforcement which provides consistent physical properties.

omniliner range:

The new sheet lining range is highly environmentally compliant being 100% recyclable and in some cases manufactured from recycled materials. In addition, the OmniLiner range conforms to the food hygiene and safety regulations. In comparison to traditional alternatives like GRP and Plywood, the OmniLiner range provides significant energy absorption and light but strong characteristics throughout the panels.

Whichever product you choose from the OmniLiner range for your application, it is easy to ship, store, and manage. Depending on the final size and thickness required for an application (from 1.02mm to 5mm), OmniLiner can be rolled into coils up to 366m in length (standard widths of 2438mm or 2743mm) or cut into sheets and palletized.

manufacturing process:

An alternative manufacturing process is undertaken to produce the OmniLIner range. Non-woven continuous glass fibres are impregnated with polypropylene and laminated together to create a 0/90° bi-directional structure which has superior physical and mechanical properties throughout the entire panel. The sheet lining materials can be utilized for a broad range of applications in new and diverse markets.

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