OmniLiner ECOTEX

The ‘Green’ alternative material, with a recycled core designed to create value for customers through new innovation. The material comprises of a reinforced sandwich constructed thermoplastic composite manufactured by laminating Versitex skins on top of a chopped long fibre polypropylene core, suitable for the thermoplastic welding technology.

  • Manufactured from recycled material
  • Consistent physical properties throughout the panel
  • 100% recyclable during and after processing
  • Suitable for thermoplastic welding technology
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Strong impact resistant
  • Resistant to rot, corrosion, mildew and chemicals
  • Available in coils or sheets

omniliner ecotex:

This low cost material is geared to the environmentally conscious organization seeking value without sacrificing performance. ECOTEX is an excellent alternative to replace wood, steel, fibreglass and other non-reinforced recycled materials.

Similar to the Omnia Versitex range, this sheet liner provides exceptional impact resistance and is particularly suitable for interior wall applications. They are superior at resisting rot, corrosion, mildew and chemical intrusion and provide significant energy adsorption.

The material is cost-effective and extremely environmentally friendly without any comprise on the performance.

The standard 1.0mm sheet is only 1.5kg/m2.




  • Lining side walls/ panels
  • Partitions
  • Wear and kick strips
  • Box structures
  • Logistic boxes and lamination

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