Omnia (CS) Services


Omnia (CS) has a wealth of experience in the composite material industry. We specialise in sourcing the right material to suit different applications, with an emphasis on providing clients and customers with cost effective, appropriate solutions and long term benefits for their own products/applications.

We are aware that the transition to sandwich panels can be challenging therefore we offer engineering services to make this experience as easy as possible. Some of these services include mechanical analysis and 3D CAD design.

Engineering Consultancy and 3D CAD Design:

Our engineering consultancy service provides independent expertise in composite material engineering. We hold the flexibility to give our customers a professional and personalised serviced. Our team are trained to understand the industries we serve, with in-depth technical knowledge and support provided by the Directors of the business.

In order to show how your projects can turn into tangible results, we are equipped to provide a 3D CAD design service and construct prototypes using our materials. Whether this involves simple designs or complex projects, our CAD design service is available to help facilitate and advice on product design intent or manufacturing.

Welding Technology Training:

The Welding training is a free service, obtainable to customers who sign a transfer of knowledge agreement and agree to purchase Omnia (CS) panels as part of the welding process. We also offer customers our patented welding technology service, after signing a transfer of technology agreement where a member of Omnia (CS) team trains the user on how to effectively join the panels, creating a quick and easy ability to construct various structures.

Expanded Manufacturing Capabilities:

We have continued to implement new technologies to meet the changing needs of our customers and have recently customized our offering by expanding into manufacturing all-in-one solutions. Depending on your requirement, we are able to specify which material would suit your product and help in manufacturing individual items. Whatever you require, Omnia (CS) can help you manufacture your idea into a lightweight structure.

We are committed to delivering solutions and responding effectively to alternative requirements. The ability to use our materials technology expertise and manufacture innovative products can provide cost-effective solutions.

Head Office:

Omnia (CS) Limited,
28 Gibbons Street
Nottingham NG7 2SB
United Kingdom

T: +44 (0) 115 937 6666
F: + 44 (0) 115 937 6622