Bonded Range

The Bonded range consists of thermoplastic composite sandwich panels that are high in strength and low in weight. These panels are extremely ideal for a strong structure where the welding technology is not necessary. They are available in high gloss finishes, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing exterior.

  • Lightweight - just over4kg/m²
  • High Strength - Impact resilient
  • Resistance to climatic conditions
  • Attractive finish
OmniTec HI

omnia frp:

Similar to the OmniTec HG, the Omnia FRP panel is a cost-effective, lightweight budget alternative that also comes with an attractive double-sided ‘High Gloss’ finish. The inner skin is white in colour, providing a clean and desirable appearance. The external skin is a gel coat which is a completely smooth finish. Omnia FRP panels are ideal for dry freight and hospitality applications where aesthetics are a premium requirement.

The face sheets in this range can be between 0.7 and 3.0mm thick and are offered in alternative colours (subject to minimum quantities). Suitable joining techniques for the sandwich panels include adhesive bonding and riveting and mechanical fixing if required.

OmniTec HI and HG:

The OmniTec HI is a high impact resistant bonded panel which carries excellent strength. The inner skin has an epoxy matrix enabling greater performance in comparison with other mid-range lightweight panel products. The external skin offers lightweight and high strength structure due to its continuous fibre reinforced gel coat finish. This panel is also available as an attractive double-sided ‘High Gloss’ smooth finish and it referred to as OmniTec HG.


composite sandwich panels for vehicles

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