Fused Range

This sandwich panel range lightweight yet incredibly strong in structure and although it is widely used within the Commercial Vehicle industry, it is ideal for many other applications such as portable buildings, architectural applications and logistical containers.

  • Suitable for Thermoplastic Welding technology
  • Low Weight
  • High Strength
  • Watertight and impermeable
  • Resistance to climatic conditions
  • Recyclable
  • Low Ecological impact
homeycomb panel

omnia fused panel:

The Omnia fused panel consists of a reinforced thermoplastic composite sandwich offered in a primed or unpainted finish. The material for the fused sandwich panel consists of polypropylene honeycomb and glass fibre reinforced face sheets, which are joined together by a lamination melting process, eliminating the need for adhesives or bonding. As the face sheets’ matrix material is polypropylene (PP), it is possible to weld the panel with PP welding rod by using our welded patented technique.

Where others may try to imitate, there is no other panel that is produced like the full fusion Omnia panel. This enables operators to gain significant Increased Payload Potential (IPP), especially in the 3.5 tonne vehicle market. Our standard 25mm panel is only 4.5 kg/m² and comes with a natural (woven effect) or primed finish.


Scaffodeck Fused Panel:

Another product in the fused sandwich range is the Omnia Scaffodeck panel, made from recyclable fibre-reinforced skins thermally fused to the polypropylene honeycomb core like the Omnia Fused panel. The Scaffodeck panel has an imprinted, anti-slip surface and comes in an attractive black finish. This panel is ideal for flooring and courier/pedestrian applications. Like the Omnia fused panel, the Scaffodeck is weldable and forms part of the patented welding application technique.

scaffodeck fused panel scaffodeck fused panel

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