Welding Technology

Welding Technology

  • Aluminium extrusions become non-structural, saving weight and cost
  • No investment for jigs required (increased working flexibility)
  • Short assembly time (through-put and labour cost)
  • Very fast fusion of panels
  • Continuous stress distribution
  • Integrated internal seal between panels

welding technology:

The key technology used to fuse the Omnia thermoplastic panel is through our patented extrusion plastic welding system. The welding process is a fast and strong way to connect the panels to a self-supporting structure. By using an extrusion welding gun, the Omnia panels are fused together from the inside therefore eliminating the need for mechanical fixings.

Welding Technology for Vehicles

The welding technology is suitable to use with our Omnia fused panel range and the new OmniLiner range. Here at Omnia (CS), we offer in-house Welding training for our customers to learn how to use this fast and effective method of joining the panels. Purchasing and utilizing our panels gives you a license to use our technique in the construction of your application.

How Does it work?

The welding technique is the best method of joining the panels; it is fast, extremely strong and involves no metal parts. It also makes the joins water-tight, an advantage for many applications. This process enables the ability to increase payload due to reduction in weight from the lack of mechanical fixtures and fittings. This in turn, helps to create a self-supporting one piece solution.

Welding Technology

With its low weight and high output, the Dohle MiniCS is a very practical welding extruder for this technology. The extruder gun has been tried and tested against various other welding extruders and proved to be quicker and easier to handle. With its competitive price, it is the extruder welder of our choice for customers.


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