Omnia (CS)

Company Timeline

2014 – New Sheet lining material

Omnia (CS)has recently expanded its panel range further by introducing sheet lining material, sourced from the US to compete with alternatives like GRP, Plywood and Alluminum. The new range comprises of environmental friendly materials at a cost effective price and can be used for a range of applications including roof tops, refrigerated vehicles and additional interior lining.

2013- New production site

After over 10 years of supply we ceased using the Germany factory for the manufacture of our panels have been working closely with a new partner, more capable of large volume and with a new production line to guarantee continued quality and future investment in development. They are supported by a $3 billion parent company and have been supplying the Omnia (CS) panel to us for over 12 months and we are delighted with their support and commitment to keep Omnia (CS) at the forefront of composite sandwich panel technology and innovation.

2011 - Patented welding technology

Our development efforts were rewarded in 2011 when Omnia (CS) was granted patent for the plastic welding process. The welding technology enables bodybuilders and converters to construct the box structure faster, cheaper and lighter. Alongside the thermo-composite panel product we have introduced suitable adhesive systems to adhesively bond polypropylene.

2010 - Wider composite panel range

In 2010 we expanded our range of sandwich panels by introducing our OmniTec range, which includes 3 element bonded sandwich panels. These panels are high in strength but light in weight, making it applicable for structures that do not require use of the welding technology.

2009 - Back into the air

The lightweight properties of the panels were confirmed in 2009 when Omnia (CS) assisted in developing a hot-air balloon basket made of the Omnia (CS) Fused Panel.

2007 - Composite sandwich panel for double decker trailer

In 2007 the Royal Mail double decker trailers were converted to Omnia (CS) Composites which reduced the trailer weight to 11,680 kg and therefore increasing the payload by 20%. The original GRP panels were replaced by the very strong and lightweight Omnia (CS) Panel made from reinforced polypropylene.

2003 - 300kg weight saving on 3.5T truck panels

The first conversion to Omnia (CS) Composites for large fleets (of several hundred vehicles) took place in 2003. The weight saving on a vehicle body compared to GRP was almost 300 kg. The weight saving was achieved only through the weight reduction of the of the truck panels. No other alterations were made to the vehicle at that point.

1999 - Composites trailer

In 1999, we were part of a project team which involved working on the first ‘composite’ trailer in the UK. When the chassis were finished in glass reinforced plastic, it was time to look at the side walls and other panels. It was concluded that instead of plywood, a new revolutionary thermoplastic sandwich panel should be used.

The reinforced polypropylene panel was developed in Germany and distribution channels to the UK were set up. This was the first of a range of products that has been developed with an ethos of innovation and sustainability.

Head Office:

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