New Production Facility


Planning for the future

Advanced Manufacturing Capabilities 

The sun is still shining nevertheless summer is now drawing to an end with the last quarter of the year and the coldest months ahead of us. Learning from drastic weather changes has prepared us all to plan forward so we are still able to make the most of the autumn and winter seasons. Planning all areas of your business is also important - from having the correct tools in place, a team of trustworthy workers, to having reliable equipment to fall back on.

 Similarly, Omnia has been planning ahead during the last few summer months to increase its manufacturing efficiency and is now proud to announce that all the planning has paid off. The company has expanded to a new production facility to ensure that demands are met and our aim to manufacturer one-off bespoke items utilizing our materials within a suitable time frame is accomplished. The new production site is based a few minutes away from our current offices and includes advanced facilities such as 3D Printer and new staff to help run the production smoothly. Quality has always been an utmost important factor for Omnia (CS). Therefore, the company has been working on this project for months to ensure the best training for its new staff and that the finest quality process is in place.


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