Low Carbon Champions Awards


This year's Low CVP Low Carbon Champions award winners were announced not long ago. Established in 2003, the public-private partnership was formed to drive vehicle manufacturers towards a sustainable shift in order to lower carbon vehicles and fuels - something Omnia believes is absolutely essential! According to LowCVP managing director Andy Eastlake "These awards recognise best practise, and outstanding leadership and innovation in cutting carbon from vehicles and fuels, as well as through other means". The entries for this year's awards have been even more positive, demonstrating "how far and fast the whole low carbon road transport industry is now progressing and how many individual stakeholders are contributing to the change". We think it is fantastic that there is an evident growth towards others realising the importance towards being more sustainable and taking actions towards carbon reductions. Click here to find out the winners for Low Carbon Heavy Duty Vehicle Manufacturer of the Year 


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