Bespoke lounge chair made from flat material


The eco-sustainable lounge chair

Omnia (CS) takes pride in producing innovative, eco-friendly bespoke items by utilising its prime product: The Omnia fused panel.   Through the physical characteristics, manufacturing techniques and unique visual properties of the material, a modern, eco-friendly lounge chair was constructedl in conjunction with our patented welding technology. The assembly of the lounge chair started with simple sketches which were then rendered into a 3D designs. The aesthetics of the chair were a vital consideration as a modern look was essential. The aim of this project was to deliver a chair that is robust and comfortable, without the use of any mechanical fixings to ensure that it remains 100% recyclable. By using our welding technique, a fast and extremely strong method of joining the panels enabled a solid piece to be formed without gaps or unfinished details. Using this unique method of construction, we were able to produce something that holds a contemporary aesthetic touch that also functions well. Furthermore, the beauty of the lounge chair is that it can be personalised by using removable fabrics and covers. This idea comes with the intention to emphasize our capabilities of not only providing composite materials but also to deliver long-life manufactured solutions from using our eco-friendly materials and construction methods.

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