Importance of staying sustainable


Staying Sustainable 

The UK market is determined to ensure that the transport industry continues to go green by making choices that incorporate an eco-friendly outlook. A £440 million investment from the Government will be invested in green transports with a large sum of £54m towards its local sustainability transport fund ( Alongside this, an Ecodriving scheme has become available, building on the success of the Smarter Driving programme that results in a reduction of 15% reduction of fuel consumption. Both examples alone depicts the drive towards ensuring those on the road are considering ways to reduce carbon emissions and increase environmental friendly schemes. Furthermore, the CO2 emissions limit is the number one factor considered according to research from GE Capital Fleet services. Over recent years, the attention towards making choices in the way you drive, manufacture and handle vehicles has been widely recognised to implement the reduction of CO2 emissions. 

Commercial manufacturers continually strive to ensure vehicles are made efficiently to reduce the impact on the impact on the environment whilst reducing costs. This has led to the pursuit of lighter and therefore more fuel efficient vehicles through the adoption of new, lightweight materials. There has been a 15% uplift from 2012-2013 of light commercial vehicles with a number of these constructed using lightweight composite panels. The industry is working to deliver more fuel efficient and lower CO2 products. "This will help contribute to improving the environmental profile of the vehicle fleet and their use will help deliver savings in total CO2 emissions." (SMMT 2013/14). 

It remains to be Omnia's philosophy to help support the transport industry in making eco-friendly decisions by offering a smooth transition towards new material solutions. We try to ensure that new and improved technologies that hold the highest level of sustainable innovation are delivered to enhance operational and environmental benefits.


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