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Commercial Vehicles

Industry Updates
Total commercial vehicle registrations rose to 12.6% in May with specific van demand bouncing back at 18.4% growth to 24,283 registrations which according to Mike Hawes (SMMT Chief Executive), was a solid performance to see. Vans continue to perform in line with the SMMT expectations this year whereas trucks follow behind as the effect of Euro-6 compliant models is still coming into place. The Euro 6 legislation demands fewer emissions of commercial vehicles and one way of encouraging the transition is through ensuring there is lighter commercial vehicles on the road by 2017 (Transportengineer.org.uk). More funding is being pledged by the government to support the development of low emission vehicles, which includes utilizing improved technology in the transport and commercial vehicle sectors (Transportnewsbrief.co.uk). In November 2014, new type approval legislation will place further emphasis on improved emissions. Nevertheless, some issues still exist in CV sectors when developing green technology as a cost effective way for vehicles to lower emissions still remains according to a report produced for the LowCVP by E4tech.

Why is it important to have lighter vehicles?

· Reduction on fuel consumption and emissions 

· Maximising carrying capacity in specification

 ·To conform with the Euro-6 legislation

Omnia have been serving the dry freight industry for over ten years, providing ultra-lightweight, cost-effective solutions to make vehicles lighter. Some of the main implementations of the Omnia sandwich panel for the dry freight sector are: 

 · Side and Bulkhead panels for box van rigids

 · Side and Bulkhead panels for box van trailers

 · Roof panels for box van rigids and trailers 

 · Roof panel for curtainsider rigids and trailers 

 · Front bulkhead for curtainsider rigids and trailers 

 · Flooring for box van and curtainsider rigids 

 · Rear and side container doors

 · Lockers, storage and toolboxes


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